Coffee at Sayers

Our coffee is important to us — that's why we had Five Senses Coffee create us our own blend. A mix of Brazilian Ipanema and Balenese Begus Sekali, our coffee is rich and smooth. Come visit our baristas and order a cup.

Our Blend

60% Brazil Ipanema - Tree Dried Natural

Our Ipanema beans are processed by leaving the coffee cherry on the tree past ripening until it has uniformly dried; it is then removed with extremely selective picking. The heavier body and flavor are a direct result of the lengthened contact of the fruit to the bean throughout the drying process.

The farm that supplies our Ipanema beans won outstanding producer of the year at the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe annual coffee expo, 2009.

40% Bali - Begus Sekali - Washed Coffee

This Direct Trade bean is grown in the majestic mountains of Kintamani in Bali, Indonesia. Sourced from two Subak Abian’s (co-operative groups of small-holder farms) this extraordinary coffee grown by a beautiful group of people.

Sayers Blend - Tasting Notes

A blend of Brazilian and Balinese coffees combined to create a rich and smooth offering with gentle acidity and lingering aftertaste. The warm cocoa and spice notes from the Brazil are complemented with subtle earthy and malty sweetness from the Balinese. Heavy bodied and rounded as a black coffee but also one that is clearly defined in milk drinks.

Occasionally, we are are able to stock single origins for a short period of time. Learn about the single origins we have enjoyed, then come and say hello and enjoy them too.